4 Steps

4 easy steps


Step 1

Bring us your:

  • Gold
  • Silver
  • Jewelry
  • Coins
  • Diamonds

Step 2

We’ll examine and weigh your gold and silver with you, or appraise your diamonds and determine their value.

We have the latest technology to analyze and test your items, including a precious metal x-ray analyzer, diamond tester, and our professional scales that are county-tested and certified, to make sure you are getting the absolute most market value that we can offer.


Step 3

Our current posted prices are crystal clear to show you exactly what we pay.


Step 4

Then we’ll write you a check.

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Referral Program
Pass out as many referral cards as you like. When someone brings in the card with your name and address, we will send you a gift card as a thank you. The more referral cards we receive with your information the larger the gift card.

Do you have any of these in your house? They could be worth a lot.

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